Welcome to the ICSE 2023
& Regional INTERFINISH 2023

The ICSE 2023 & regional Interfinish 2023 will be held in Busan, South Korea, Nov. 19-24, at Busan port international exhibition & convention center (BPEX). This is intended to provide an open forum for reporting and discussion on the most recent scientific and technical advances in the fields of surface engineering and surface finishing technologies. The scope of ICSE 2023 & regional Interfinish 2023 encompasses all aspects of the most recent scientific and technical advances in the fields of surface engineering and surface finishing technologies. The conference will also reach out to the areas of surface-related science and engineering, such as surface analysis, modification, treatment and coating technologies based on wet and dry processes of electroplating, electroless plating etching, anodic oxidation, plasma electrolytic technologies, electropolishing, chemical conversion, atomic layer deposition, plasma and vacuum technologies, electrophoretic deposition, implantation, blasting and peening, laser ablation, machine learning, artificial intelligence etc. The conference covers numerous applications for bioscience, sensors, energy conversion devices of solar cells, fuel cells, battery and super capacitor, semiconducting and electronic devices, electronic display industries, water electrolysis for hydrogen production, aero space and automobile industries. Anybody who is interested in this conference will be duly informed of detailed proceedings through website and we expect all of your interests and cooperation for successful conference.


  • Advanced packaging for semiconductors
  • Anodizing and Anodic Processes
  • Atomic Layer Deposition
  • Battery Science and Technologies
  • Biomaterials and Bioscience
  • Coatings and Surface-Related Materials and Technologies
  • Corrosion and Protection
  • Electrochemical Energy Conversion Processes
  • Hydrogen Production Technologies
  • Industrial Production Technology
  • Machine Learning-Aided Materials Design for Surface Science and Engineering
  • Nano-Materials
  • Plasma Electrolytic Technologies
  • Plasma Surface Science and Technology
  • Plating Technologies
  • Printed Electronics
  • Surface Analysis/Semiconducting Materials and Devices
  • Sensor Technologies
  • Surface Science and Interface Engineering for Composite Materials
  • Symposium in Honor of Prof. Su-Il Pyun
  • Other Surface Technologies
  • Korea-Australia Joint Workshop on Energy Materials
  • Regional Interfinish 2023

Conference Venue

BPEX, 5th floor VIEW

(Choryang-dong, Busan Port International Passenger Terminal),
206, Chungjang-daero, Dong-gu, Busan, 48751, Republic of Korea