Social Programs

KSSSE(The Korean Society of Surface Science and Engineering) honorably hosts ICSE-2023 with the special celebration of monumental 60th anniversary of establishment. ICSE is held every 10 years and aims to spread the importance of surface engineering broadly and offer the stage for the insightful and up-to-date knowledge sharing among members. KSSSE with honor and pleasure in good confidence invite all of you to the ICSE-2023 and unforgettable experiences and memories will be yours.

Please refer to below temporal programs which may be subject to minor change until openings.
WELCOMING RECEPTION On the first day of the conference, please join an ice-breaking event to getting to know each other! All participants who registered ICSE2023 are invited to the welcoming reception.
SUNDAY, Nov 19
EXCURSION 1. Industrial tour (Nov. 22 afternoon)
Participants will visit 3~4 sites located at Busan and Changwon Cities which are well known for their advanced skills and techniques in surface treatments. Separate meetings after site tour with managements from the industries will be arranged and it will provide the participants with the further supplements unless otherwise fully explained during the tour.

2. Busan Port tour (Nov. 21 morning, Nov. 22 afternoon)
Special Busan North Port tour will be arranged under the auspice of Busan Port Authority. The participants will have memorable experiences while closely seeing the world class logistics sites and beautiful landmarks of Busan city. Due to limit of boarding passengers the numbers of applicants may be controlled.

3. Young Scientist party (TBD)
Special gathering together with Young scientist will be offered after Reception banquet. As many participants are requested to join and breath with young guys and cheers.
BANQUET Reception Banquet (Nov. 23 evening. In celebration of 60th anniversary)
Special banquet in also celebration of 60th anniversary of KSSSE will be arranged. All the participants will be required to be fully relaxed. Cultural Performances and joyful games and events will take your stress away and they will make you laugh.